January 6, 2022

Debunking popular mobile casinos online myths

Aria Mitchell
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There is a truckload of myths and misconceptions about playing at mobile casinos online. But while lazy players buy these unfounded arguments without a second thought, smart players do a bit of research first.

Debunking popular mobile casinos online myths

At the end of this 2-minute read, you’ll know that most of these gambling lies are spread by disgruntled players unwilling to sweat it out for their wins.

Myth #1. Mobile casino games are rigged

This is indeed the most spread and the most believable online gambling myth today. You’ll hear several players and blogs saying that winning at top mobile casinos is impossible because the result is skewed. Really?

The truth is that mobile casino games are 100% fair unless you’re playing at a rogue casino. Often, casinos use RNG (Random Number Generator) to process billions of results per second even when the game is dormant. Also, most reliable mobile casinos online are tested for fairness by companies like iTech Labs and eCOGRA. So, find a reliable casino and have fun.

Myth #2. Casinos don’t like winners

Here is another myth worth unraveling. Some players claim that mobile casino games can freeze during a hot winning streak. Some of these gamers even say that casinos will kick out players who win too much. 

But this article begs to differ. The casino only suspends an account if a player breachs the agreement terms. You don’t expect to exchange contacts in the live dealer room and continue playing, do you? In addition, players who complain about freezing games usually have internet connection issues. While this can still happen, it’s very uncommon. 

Myth #3. There are good and bad betting hours

The thing is that any time is winning or losing time at the casino. You must have probably heard some players say that the casino relaxes its betting system during certain hours. While this might be valid reasoning for bonuses and promotions, it never applies to winning and losing.

As said earlier, casinos use RNG software to generate results every time you play. This program makes the results totally unpredictable. Therefore, if you win more in the morning this week, it doesn’t mean next week will be the same case. 

Myth #4. Gambling systems work

If you’re a poker or blackjack player, then this myth might not sound so well. That’s because these gambling games require skill and strategy to win. For example, card counting has proven time and again that it’s an effective blackjack strategy. But even at that, do these systems work in the long run?

Read carefully! Every time you play at the casino, you’re at a disadvantage. In other words, the house edge will always catch up with you, regardless of the betting system you use. Remaining with the blackjack example above, card counting does a tremendous job reducing the house edge to less than 1%. But that rate is still good enough to make you lose most bets to the house.

Myth #5. Mobile gambling is boring

Is there some element of truth here? Well, unless you’re playing the wrong games. Players who like it at land-based casinos will always brag about how they had the time of their lives. The reality is that they can make new friends, learn new strategies, grab a few drinks, and so on.

But mobile casinos are catching up through live dealer games streamed in real-time from real studios. Common live games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, craps, sic bo, and many others. Interestingly, game developers like Evolution have also started incorporating VR (Virtual Reality) technology in live games like Gonzo’s Quest Treasure Hunt. 


Up to this point, you should be in a position to separate myths from facts while playing online. Remember that gambling is a learning process. You’ll end up learning new strategies and systems as you continue playing. Have fun, won’t you?

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