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Play with bitcoin mobile slot


 Play with bitcoin mobile slot

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the most popular digital currency today. Therefore, it’s no surprise that online and mobile casinos accept this form of money. And with more than a million mobile slot games littered around, mobile casinos are just waiting for you to choose a Bitcoin slot and try your luck. But before you start playing, there are a few hard-nosed winning strategies to learn. Read on!

Check the competition

Before anything else, you should read Bitcoin mobile casino reviews. Although it may sound easy, the sprouting number of new online Bitcoin casinos can make it complicated to find the right app. That’s because casinos are always competing for new players by offering attractive bonuses and extensive game libraries.

Check the wagering requirement attached to the free spins or bonus money and determine if the condition is feasible on not. Also, look at the maximum Bitcoin cashout, casino licensing, and other vital aspects. Following these rules should help you quickly find the best mobile casino to play Bitcoin slots.

Grab the free bonuses

As I’ve said, Bitcoin casinos offer varying casino bonuses to give new and existing players a front foot. New players can enjoy welcome rewards, such as bonus money or free spins. In most cases, your free spins or welcome bonus are fixed on specific slot games. Go ahead and try out the slots to see if they meet your expectations. If not, there are hundreds of other Bitcoin mobile casinos to join.

Other Bitcoin casino bonuses you can get include:

  • Cashbacks
  • Deposit bonus
  • Refer-a-friend bonuses
  • VIP programs
  • No deposit bonus
  • And more
  • Play for fun This is the most underrated but arguably the most important trick of winning playing mobile slots. Always remember that the primary reason for joining gambling is not to make money but to enjoy yourself. There are those dark days when you can experience the unending downward spiral. However, smart players will know that this is part of the game .

Don’t lose your head in an attempt to chase losses via high-risk bets and bigger wagers. Just stick to your budget and enjoy yourself. Understand that failing is one of the reasons why playing mobile casino slots is so entertaining. So, refuse any temptations to break your bankroll.

Study the house edge

A mobile slot isn’t just a beautiful image with rotating symbols. Every slot features a winning combination called RTP (Return to Player Percentage). This percentage is what determines your overall winnings in a particular slot game. It also makes sure that the mobile casino never makes losses.

For example, a Bitcoin slot can have a 100% RTP. In this case, the casino and the player will have similar winning odds. To calculate the RTP percentage of a slot, divide the winning number by the bet size before multiplying the number by 100%. Typically, most Bitcoin slots have an RTP rate of 95% to 98%. In short, the simple rule is to go for Bitcoin mobile slot games with a higher rate.

Stop when you’re winning

To ensure you’re always winning when playing Bitcoin mobile slot games, use this tried and tested trick. Every time you surpass your starting balance, stop playing because you’ve already won. Most players are tempted to continue wagering with the hope of winning more. In the end, they lose even more money, including the one they just won. So don’t fall prey to this common pitfall.

The Bottom Line

Overall, playing and winning on a bitcoin or any other mobile slot game is super-easy with these tricks. Always start with the free games to get a feel of what the mobile casino looks like. Now proceed to apply other winning factors like the RTP. And remember that most mobile Bitcoin casinos accept traditional currencies, as well. Enjoy!

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