December 13, 2021

5 Tips for Mobile Casino App Security Success

Aria Mitchell
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In this era, when playing casino games is just a screen tap away, securing your account has never been more critical. Mobile casinos attract gamers en masse who transact billions of dollars every day. But with cyber security being a global threat, securing your mobile casino app shouldn’t be a task left to the casino alone. So, below are some of the measures a player can take to help out.

5 Tips for Mobile Casino App Security Success

Tip #1. Only use legit gambling apps

Choosing the right mobile casino isn’t something the operator will do for you. Therefore, players must know how to separate the chaff from grain in the crowded online gambling industry. To spot a cheating app, first, look if a legal body licenses it. This can be the likes of the UKGC, Swedish Gaming Authority, MGA, etc.

Reliable apps also offer games developed by leading companies like Evolution, NetEnt, Betsoft, Microgaming, and more. Finally, and most importantly, read user reviews about the app to get first-hand information. Fortunately, the expert MobileCasinoRank team has already done the heavy lifting for you.

Tip #2. Check software technology

Another telltale sign that a mobile casino isn’t reliable is the type of technology it uses. Credible websites usually provide a section where gamers can find details about their technology and security features. This information should be laid bare on the “About US” or “T&C” page.

More game developers are currently steering clear of Java and Flash. Instead, they turn to HTML5, which offers better security features and compatibility with most browsers. Luckily, most reliable gambling apps use nothing short of the latest programming languages. So, invest time to learn something about the app’s security measures and technology.

Tip #3. Update your mobile OS

Now this one is all you. Updating your smartphone’s operating system helps give it a massive boost in terms of performance and security. Often, updates come with features to help prevent data intrusions or keep off vulnerabilities. Thus, when an update is available, install it immediately. Or better still, set up automatic updates.

However, smartphone and computer developers offer updates for the latest systems only. So, to enjoy the latest updates and features, purchase a brand-new phone. While this will cost a few bucks, you’ll enjoy the latest features like faster refresh rates, 5G connectivity, smoother gameplay, and more. It’s definitely worth every penny.

Tip #4. Use strong passwords

Passwords are everywhere these days. Players need a passcode to lock their device, secure their Google account, protect their gambling account, and more. That said, a good passcode should have at least eight characters spread across numbers, letters, and symbols. If possible, mix uppercase and lowercase letters.

But everyone hates them, especially those complicated codes. Many a time, you’ll find yourself locked out of the app simply because you can’t remember the passcode. So, make it a habit to save all your passwords somewhere. Some gambling apps even offer face and touch authentication for seamless and more secure access.

Tip #5. Don’t use public Wi-Fi

Free internet is all over. Mobile casino players can catch some action with free Wi-Fi at airports, shopping centers, learning institutions, and more. But there are risks associated with using open Wi-Fi. This is where most hackers camp, hoping for a naïve victim.

Always use your home Wi-Fi or cellular data whenever possible to be safe. In addition, disable Wi-Fi connection when in public spaces. And if that’s impossible, consider a VPN subscription. But choose carefully as all VPNs aren’t equal.


All in all, be proactive about your online safety to stay ahead of cyberattacks. Treat real-money mobile gambling with all the seriousness it deserves, even if it means purchasing a premium smartphone. After all is said and done, it’s you who benefits.

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