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The Dos and Donts of Oscar’s Grind

The Dos and Donts of Oscar’s Grind

"Although the possibility of winning a bet remains uncertain, Oscar’s Grind greatly improves the likelihood of winning. Oscar’s Grind works when the outcome equally distributes between two results of similar value. A perfect example would be flipping a coin, betting red or black in roulette, and so forth. Moreover, Oscar’s Grind consists of a typical positive strategy based on progression. Furthermore, the German and French know the strategy as Pluscoup Progression. The first documentation of the strategy began in 1965. A book called “The Casino Gambler’s Guide” referred to the strategy. The book also recognized the strategy as a progression rooted from calculating the size of a bet. Therefore, if a losing streak occurred, if and when an exact length occurred, the strategist would see a profit. The premise of the strategy revolves around periods of wins and losses. Moreover, wins and losses usually occur in streaks. An ideal position consists of a low losing streak and a high winning streak. Moreover, Oscar’s Grind divides an entire gambling event into sessions. In betting, a session pertains to a sequence of repetitive wagers made until a person wins a profit by one unit. Also, one unit initiates each session and one unit of profit ends the session. If a gambler loses, the session continues with repeated bets. Every time a person wins the game following a loss, the bet increases by one unit.

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